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Innovative flood risk section introduced on Destin’s website for community safety

Destin, Florida – Destin has introduced new tools on its website to help people understand the risk of flooding better, including a special section that uses technology from a company called Forerunner.

This section is designed to give everyone, from homeowners to business owners, easy access to important flood-risk details, like Elevation Certificates.

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Ever since Hurricane Katrina hit the Destin region 18 years back, the city has been getting ready for similar events in the future and thinking about long-term safety. Because of its efforts, Destin gets a good rating (Class 6) that allows its residents to save 20% on their flood insurance.

Noell Bell, who oversees building in Destin, mentioned that they are working hard to make the community stronger and safer for the future. They also want to make sure everyone can easily find the information they need about their property.

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The website section is a resource for various people, including those who own homes, those who build them, insurance agents, and real estate agents, to understand the rules about building and insurance for their properties. You can check it out at https://destinfl.withforerunner.com/properties.

Susanna Pho, who helped start Forerunner, praised Destin for actively taking steps to deal with and lessen the impact of flooding. She believes that being prepared is essential and that communities should have access to effective tools for future planning.

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