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Health advisory issued for Liza Jackson Park due to elevated bacteria levels in water

Fort Walton Beach, Florida – The Florida Department of Health in Okaloosa County (DOH-Okaloosa) has raised concerns over water safety following recent tests at Liza Jackson Park, prompting a water quality advisory for the area.

Water Quality Concerns at Liza Jackson Park

Following testing conducted on Monday, April 1, 2024, it was discovered that the water quality at Liza Jackson Park does not comply with the recreational water quality criteria for Enterococcus bacteria as set by the Florida Department of Health. This specific type of bacteria can indicate the presence of contamination and poses an increased risk of illness for those engaging in water-related activities at the park.

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As a result of these findings, DOH-Okaloosa strongly recommends against swimming or engaging in any activities that involve water contact at this location. The advisory comes after routine water quality monitoring showed bacteria levels surpassing the thresholds outlined by state health guidelines.

Officials have stated that the advisory will remain in effect until further testing indicates that the bacteria levels have fallen below the accepted health standards. Residents and visitors seeking more information about the water quality and the status of the advisory can access test results and additional resources at FloridaHealth.gov/HealthyBeaches or contact DOH-Okaloosa directly at 850-833-9247 or via their website at www.HealthyOkaloosa.com.

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