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Florida’s First Lady awarded $10,000 to six nonprofits in Collier County through Hope Florida Fund

Naples, Florida – First Lady Casey DeSantis has awarded six nonprofit organizations in Collier County with $10,000 each, courtesy of the Hope Florida Fund. The organizations honored with this financial support include Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs, St. Matthew’s House, Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Project B.U.I.L.D., Baby Basics of Collier County, and Trailways Camps. These groups stand out for their unwavering dedication to serving the community, particularly focusing on children, families, veterans, and individuals with unique abilities through various programs such as mentorship, material support, and educational activities.

First Lady DeSantis expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the collective effort to address the needs of Floridians. “As the Hope Florida initiative has expanded, we continue to identify ways to strengthen and grow our network of dedicated nonprofits across the state,” she remarked. “Meeting the needs of Floridians is a collaborative effort. I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the good work being done by these Collier County nonprofits, and to support them in their efforts through the Hope Florida Fund.”

The check presentation event was not just a ceremonial gesture but a moment to discuss the broader goals of the Hope Florida initiative. This initiative is about more than just financial support; it’s a strategy to enhance the lives of Floridians by fostering cooperation among various sectors of the community. Since its launch in 2021, Hope Florida has served over 86,000 individuals, showcasing the significant impact of community and government working together.

The First Lady launched the Hope Florida Fund in July 2022 with the vision of leveraging private sector charity to support local nonprofit organizations. This initiative is a cornerstone of her broader Hope Florida initiative, aiming to create a seamless network of support across the state.

For individuals in need of assistance, call the Hope Line (850-300-HOPE) or visit the official website of Hope Florida www.HopeFlorida.com. The initiative goes beyond providing temporary relief, it employs Hope Navigators to guide Floridians towards economic self-sufficiency. Hope Navigators work closely with individuals to identify their needs, set long-term goals, and develop strategic plans for achieving them. This approach underscores the initiative’s commitment to not just meeting immediate needs but empowering Floridians to build prosperous futures.

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