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Florida Lottery enhances GROUPER packages with exciting new games

Florida – The Florida Lottery has introduced an exciting update to its GROUPER® and GROUPER® Super Sampler play packages, offering players more chances to win big while maximizing their spend. This announcement marks a significant enhancement in the lottery’s offerings, providing more value and excitement to its customers.

More Games, More Chances to Win

Each GROUPER package play now includes a series of tickets valued at $6, but available for just $5, providing players with outstanding value. The enhanced GROUPER package includes:

  • A $1 CASH POP™ Quick Pick ticket
  • A $1 FANTASY 5® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $2 FLORIDA LOTTO® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $1 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ Quick Pick ticket
  • A bonus $1 PICK 4™ Str/Box Quick Pick ticket

For those looking to increase their chances even further, the GROUPER Super Sampler provides an impressive 10 ways to win for only $10. This super-sized package includes $12 worth of tickets:

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  • A $1 FANTASY 5® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $2 CASH4LIFE® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $2 POWERBALL® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $2 MEGA MILLIONS® Quick Pick ticket
  • A $3 FLORIDA LOTTO® with Double Play Quick Pick ticket
  • A bonus $2 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY with Combo™ Quick Pick ticket

Where to Purchase

Available at over 13,500 Lottery retail locations across the state, players can simply ask their retailer for a GROUPER or GROUPER Super Sampler package. Alternatively, these packages can be conveniently purchased from any Florida Lottery vending machine. The terminal will issue individual Quick Pick tickets for the next available drawings, ensuring each entry is ready for upcoming chances to win.

For anyone looking to understand more about draw schedules and specific game details, further information is available on the Florida Lottery’s official website at www.floridalottery.com/lotteryDrawings.

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