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Destin Garden Club makes birds happy with creative houses

Destin, Florida – The Destin Garden Club had a fun meeting at the American Legion Club where they spent the morning decorating birdhouses, and it turned out to be a big hit.

Every year, the club organizes a special workshop that brings a lot of joy to its members. They handed out plain birdhouses to everyone, encouraging them to use their imagination and decorate them in any way they wanted.

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The first step was to paint the birdhouses. They could be painted in colors like red for Christmas, or white, green, brown, or blue – really, any color someone wanted to pick.

To decorate the birdhouses, the club provided a bunch of natural materials. There were sticks covered in lichen for the roofs, pieces of pinecones, green fluffy reindeer moss, and even stones and glass jewels for extra sparkle.

Two of the birdhouses were painted red for Christmas and had roofs that looked snowy. They each had a small Christmas wreath above the door. Another one was painted a shiny green, decorated with a string of colorful balls, a wreath, peppermint sticks, and little presents, topped with a big red poinsettia.

Teresa King’s birdhouse was special, with a roof of jeweled stones, painted blue, with a colorful picket fence, and decorations like butterflies, bees, seashells, and moss around it.

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Joyce Bean chose pinecone pieces for her roof, added a white picket fence, green grass, lichen, and purple flowers near the entrance.

Janet Hayes went for a turquoise paint, with a weathervane and birds on top.

Judy Johnson was the only one to add lights to her birdhouse. It had a silver roof, a big pink butterfly, silk flowers, beads, and tiny lights all around.

Donna Stuart’s birdhouse was so full of flowers, it was a wonder if birds could find their way in.

Lee Vanderpool, the club president, chose a brown and green theme, with moss, acorn shells, a porcelain dog, and a red pot with a green plant.

Laura Hall’s birdhouse was blue, adorned with lichen-covered sticks, and butterflies at the roof and entrance.

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It was incredible to see about thirty birdhouses, each one unique and different from the others.

This article was provided by Laura Hall, a member of the Destin Garden Club. The article first appeared on The Destin Log.

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