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Wages increasing in many states in the new year. What about Florida?

Florida – Across the United States, as we head into 2024, lots of places are gearing up for a boost in the lowest amount of money that jobs must pay, known as the minimum wage. This isn’t just a small tweak; it’s a big deal planned for 25 states, and Florida’s getting special attention because of its efforts to increase pay for people working there.

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This step to push up minimum wages comes from the need to make sure people can earn enough to keep up with the cost of living. It’s all about making sure workers get paid what they deserve for the work they do.

In Florida, this upcoming change is a big one. The state’s minimum wage has already gone above the U.S. federal minimum of $7.25 per hour, aiming for a higher pay rate for its workers.

Back in September 2023, the people and government in Florida decided to gradually increase the minimum wage each year. This plan kicked off with a vote on November 3, 2020, when people in Florida agreed to a change in the state’s constitution. This isn’t just a one-off raise; it’s a plan to keep boosting the minimum wage until it reaches $15 per hour by September 30, 2026.

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These raises are designed to keep up with inflation, making sure that the amount of money workers take home keeps its value over time. As of September 29, Florida’s minimum wage was $11 per hour, but it jumped to $12 per hour the next day. Pay for people earning tips also went up, from $7.98 to $8.98 per hour.

The plan is to keep this momentum going. By next year on September 30, the minimum wage will go up to $13 per hour for regular workers and $9.98 for those earning tips. By 2025, these numbers will increase to $14 and $10.98, respectively, and by 2026, the goal is to hit a $15 per hour standard minimum wage, with tipped workers making $11.98.

But it doesn’t end in 2026. The amendment also includes steps to adjust the wage based on inflation after that, ensuring that the $15 per hour value stays relevant with the cost of living until at least December 31, 2027. Starting in 2028, any changes will be tied to inflation, showing a flexible and forward-thinking approach to wage policy.

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Besides Florida, the other states set for a minimum wage hike in 2024 include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, South Dakota, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

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