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Okaloosa County Jail inmates complete first phase of “Anchored” program

Okaloosa County, Florida – The Okaloosa County Jail saw 34 inmates successfully complete Phase I of the “Anchored” program earlier this week. This initiative, run by the Emerald Coast Life Center, is a faith-based program aimed at reducing recidivism and substance abuse among inmates. Okaloosa Board Chairman Paul Mixon emphasized the dual focus of ensuring inmate safety while fostering an environment that encourages personal growth. “This program is one of the successes in our jail, and we are extremely proud of this milestone that each one of these individuals has accomplished,” Mixon stated.

A Rigorous Journey Toward Transformation

The “Anchored” program challenges participants to engage in 425 hours of intensive classwork over three months, covering topics designed to address and remove barriers to rehabilitation. In addition to the coursework, participants are required to write three 1,200-word essays, memorize three scripture verses, and complete a comprehensive book report based on Phase I reading materials.

These efforts go beyond mere academic achievement; they represent a deep commitment to personal development and change. Participants have the opportunity to work through past traumas, discover their true identities, and lay the groundwork for positive change in their lives. The program aims not only to assist them in becoming contributing members of society but also to support their roles as husbands and fathers.

Okaloosa County Department of Corrections Chief Nolan Weeks expressed immense pride in the participants’ dedication and progress. “Their progress is not only commendable but serves as a beacon of hope for others seeking redemption and a fresh start,” Weeks said.

As these men move on to the next phases of the “Anchored” program, they carry with them the lessons learned, the personal growth achieved, and a sense of hope for the future. Upon completing the program, they are expected to emerge better prepared to face the challenges of reintegration, armed with a renewed mindset and awareness of the resources available to support them in their journey post-release.

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