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Governor DeSantis pledges to transform Florida into a workforce education leader

Naples, Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis made an appearance in Naples today to kick off the Freedom Institute’s speaker series. His speech emphasized a critical shift in educational priorities, from what he terms “indoctrination” to a more knowledge-based approach focusing on critical thinking and American history.

Governor DeSantis outlined his ambitious goals for higher education in Florida, placing a strong emphasis on the importance of integrating American History into the curriculum. He expressed his aspiration for Florida to lead the nation in workforce education by the end of the decade.

Furthermore, DeSantis highlighted Florida’s achievement in maintaining the lowest in-state tuition fees across the country for a decade. This effort underlines the state’s commitment to making higher education accessible and affordable for its residents.

A significant part of DeSantis’s address was dedicated to the recent elimination of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs from Florida universities. He argued that this move was essential to steer the state’s educational focus away from ideological teachings and towards fostering critical thinking skills among students.

Governor DeSantis concluded by expressing confidence in the outcome of these educational reforms. He believes that by prioritizing substantive knowledge and critical thinking over ideological education, Florida is on the right path to producing “strong patriotic students” who are well-equipped to understand the world and seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

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