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State News

Florida launched emergency aid portal for Americans trapped in Haiti

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) launched a portal earlier this week to aid Floridians and other Americans caught in the midst of Haiti’s worsening gang violence and political instability. The newly launched portal aims to gather essential information to assist those in need.

With the situation in Haiti deteriorating rapidly, the safety of Americans in the country has become a pressing concern. To address this, the FDEM’s portal serves as a critical resource for Floridians in Haiti or their family members to communicate their immediate needs directly to the state.

Division of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie emphasized the state’s commitment to assisting its citizens abroad, stating, “We will do everything possible to help Floridians and Americans who are in need of help in Haiti. I encourage those with needs to visit the portal today.”

This action is part of a broader response by Florida’s government, initiated by Governor Ron DeSantis. Earlier, DeSantis directed significant resources, including law enforcement, the National Guard, and Florida State Guard units, to the Florida Keys in anticipation of a potential influx of illegal immigrants from Haiti.

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