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A Slug of Ice and Fire: Russian Vodka

By Bruce Collier   As someone who prizes full-flavored spirits like whiskey and gin, I sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about vodka. As Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 27, Sec. 5.22(a)(1) puts it, “‘Vodka’ is neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after distillation with charcoal or...

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October 10-23, 2019

AQUARIUS Jan. 21 ‑ Feb. 19 Although you have shown yourself to be rather smart and creative in the past, this October is not the month to try to re-create any of that. You would be smart, rather, to stay inside and do as little interacting with others as possible. Read books, watch movies, listen...

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Beachcomber Profiles* – Kevin Carson

HOMETOWN: From Memphis, Tennessee, but moved to Santa Rosa Beach six months ago. I’m calling my move to Santa Rosa Beach my retirement gig!   PROFESSION: Working musician.   AGE: Almost grown.   RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Recently released the single “Nobody Like You,” available on iTunes and Spotify...

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Angel the Cat and JoJo the Bird

Submitted by Dan Fugate and Edward McGrath, Blues Angel Music, Pensacola “JoJo, the blue and gold macaw, is 22 years old and has been with us since the early days,” Mr. Fugate tells Beachcomber. “Back then, Jim (a Blues Angel Music employee) would bring him to work every day and take him home at...

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Recommended Reading

Tom Roston The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World Abrams Press To New Yorkers (present or former), The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World means only one place—Windows on the World, crown jewel of the World Trade Center. It was a place they loved or loved to hate. It transcended all...

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Share your photos and get featured here! instagram.com/beachcomberdestin   @maxineorange Beachcomberland art superstars Maxine Orange and Velia Lala. Ms. Lala has a great gallery on Eglin Parkway in FoWal, and you should stop in sooner rather than later.   @phoenixmermaid34 We’re...

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