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Record Roundup

Elise Davis The Token Make the Kill Records Davis is a country rebel. Her creamy southern voice isn’t about the tread the well-worn road—The Token is moody, modern and fearless. With phrases like “I’ll never beg you to be with me,” she’s a welcome emblem of bucking the trend of love songs that...

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Tim Morinelli on Karaoke

The idea of karaoke is to bring John and Jane Doe into the spotlight. It’s so many descriptive words—party… scary… horrible… incredible… OK… emotional… but mostly fun.   Being a professional singer, I think I can say this about karaoke—it’s a blast. But just like Mariah’s New Year’s Eve gig...

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Jess Heit on Continuum Live Show #800

I cannot believe that we have almost reached our 800th show. That is unreal. January 2017 marks the beginning of our fifth year as a band.   Wow. We have done so many incredible things during that time. My top three favorite adventures include the cross-country trip to Colorado, the wedding we...

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Chas Sandford’s Biggest Songwriting Influences

1. The Beatles.   2. Bob Dylan.   3. Elvis Costello.   4. Eagles.   5. Joni Mitchell.   “It’s really hard to name just five,” says the man behind hits for John Waite, Chicago, Stevie Nicks and others. Chas Sandford has been part of the 30A Songwriters Festival since its inception, and he hasn’t...

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Rebecca Williams writes:   I went by Publix to pick up a copy of The Beachcomber, my favorite entertainment guide for the area. The display box was closed, and when I asked about it, the management told me the distributor had quit.   Where will I be able to get future copies of The Beachcomber...

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The City of Destin has awarded April Nickens the 2016 Employee of the Year Award, the city’s top staff honor. Nickens was presented the award at the city’s annual Christmas Party and was recognized for her accomplishment by the mayor and city council at the January 3 council meeting.   Nickens...

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