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Recommended Reading

Bernadette Murphy Van Gogh’s Ear Farrar, Straus and Giroux One night in 1888 in the Provencale town of Arles, artist Vincent Van Gogh reportedly cut off part of his ear and presented it to a woman. People who’ve never seen a Van Gogh painting nevertheless know this story. Author Murphy got curious...

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Michael Lunsford — Meet the New Guy

By Chris Manson   “He showed up nervous as all heck,” Emerald Coast Gallery & Gifts co-owner Jennifer Viaene says of her initial meeting with this issue’s cover artist. “He’s a fine artist. He’s been involved with ADSO (the Fort Walton Beach-based Arts and Design Society) and has placed...

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Holy White Hounds, Batman!

“I had two friends (who) liked all this strange punk music. I would skip school and go to their house and listen to music.” – Brenton Dean     By Nikki Hedrick   It would seem that Holy White Hounds are experiencing a meteoric rise, the kind that fills up the dreams...

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Matchless? You Bet Your _____

This publication encourages people to go out and have fun, not stay home and watch the boob tube. But I have to admit I was blown away by that great spectacle of human competition presented on network television over the last few weeks.   I am, of course, referring to the new Match Game...

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Record Roundup

Fats Domino “They Call Me the Fat Man…” – The Legendary Imperial Recordings EMI I counted 100 tracks on this compilation of recorded songs from Antoine “Fats” Domino. The Fat Man’s music was the music of my childhood—dad, mom, aunts and uncles used to sit around and sing along to hi-fi LPs I still...

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Local Guides

Art Galleries

Your guide to Art Galleries in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Niceville, and Watersound.

Happy Hours

It’s happy hour in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Shalimar!


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