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Preparing for Deer Season

By Jenna Kaye Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   With deer season quickly approaching, we must get our minds focused on hunting again. Those early mornings and long days of hunting, hopefully followed by late nights tracking deer. There are numerous things that a hunter does to prepare for deer...

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Step Up Your Trail Camera Game

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   July is here! You may have mixed feelings about this month. The month that accounts for fun Independence Day celebrations, three-digit temps and high humidity also means that antlers are growing across the nation. No matter your hunting location—Kentucky...

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Deer Season in Kentucky

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   There are numerous things that need to be done before the fall deer season. Every year, you must prepare by setting up new stands, putting up and checking cameras, shooting your bow and/or sighting in your gun. The list goes on.   If you like to travel...

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Snapper Season Report, June 2017

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Destin and the Gulf of Mexico offer an abundance of red snapper. They are one of the most sought after fish for anglers along the Panhandle, as well as for summer tourists. Red snapper are fun to catch, great to eat and can be targeted throughout the busy...

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The Truth about Cobia Fishing

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Imagine this. It’s the first week of the month-long cobia tournament. You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see friends, acquaintances and numerous people who have recently caught cobia. You see a few small fish, some pushing 80 to 90 pounds.  ...

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Youth Turkey Season 2017

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Youth turkey season in Kentucky is consistently one of the best weekends to be out in the woods. This year it fell on the first weekend in April, when the birds have lacked pressure and began to embrace courtship.   It was one of those lovely days...

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How to Bag a Florida Gobbler

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Florida’s spring turkey season came in on March 18 and runs through April 23. If you’ve never turkey hunted in Florida, here are some things you will need:   1. Hunting License. For residents, $17. Nonresident 10-day license is $46.50.   2...

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A Season Worth Remembering

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Alabama saw abnormally high temperatures throughout fall and early winter. When whitetails are wearing their winter coats and temperatures are 10-plus degrees higher than average, they simply won’t move as much. For the hunter, this can definitely...

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Redfish on the Flats

By Jenna Taylor Photos by Hunter Forbes   Redfish habitat ranges from inshore to the Gulf of Mexico, including the grassy flats of Florida. No matter the location, the Red Drum surely packs a challenging fight. When they’re feeding on the grassy flats, you can see their tails just out of the...

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