Finding Love in Paradise and 2020 Visions

By Dawn Bright


Where do single guys in their 50s hide in Destin? I go to restaurants, clubs, local events, churches, the gym, stores and the beach. There are many thirtysomethings and retirement age, but never anyone in my age range. Please suggest some cool places to try that are friendly and inviting—and popular with—this difficult age group.

– Not a Snowbird Yet, Destin



Well, “Not a Snowbird Yet,” I understand your frustration. When I was in my 50s I tried several online dating sites where I did meet a few men I liked enough to go out with. But I didn’t meet “the one” until I got involved with a local theater troupe, which is something I love. So my suggestion is to join something you either already love doing or would like to start doing.


I play a lot of golf, for instance, and I always see a ton of single 50-something men on the course. You could join a specific country club if you golf, and participate in their sponsored activities. Or if you like to dance, there are dance classes available to learn things like line dancing and swing dancing. People show up solo for these and are paired up to learn to dance.


If you did use Facebook, you’d find they now have a million different groups you can join that are specific to your own hobbies, and can be tailored to your general location as well. Stick to things you enjoy, and hopefully you’ll find men in your age range you can do things with. Best of luck!

Here I sit in the dark at 4:45 in the afternoon in the Sunshine State. Sigh. Makes me sad, along with all the others abandoning their boats and beach chairs too soon. When will we be true to our name and end this ridiculous “falling back”? Also curious if you reply to everyone that writes to you, or only the worthies that make the Beachcomber?

– Stan J., Destin



The editor of the Beachcomber forwards questions to me, and I am given free range on selecting which ones I’d like to answer. My criteria is that it needs to be an interesting question that other people can relate to. And your question falls into that category.


I wrote about this issue last fall. A bill was introduced by Senator Marco Rubio to make Daylight Saving Time permanent year-round. Florida legislature passed the bill, but we cannot make the change without federal approval. So on March 6 of this year, the Senator—along with Rick Scott and US. Representative Vern Buchanan—re-introduced the bill titled the Sunshine Protection. If this passes, the legislation would apply to all states that participate in Daylight Saving Time. I agree with you that this is ridiculous, and am keeping my fingers crossed this is the last time we’ll be setting those clocks back.

I’m usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person but I’ve discovered as we get into 2020, I’m feeling dread and depression. Why is that? Is it just the weirdness of that number?

– Susan D., Destin



Depression is a difficult topic, Susan, because it effects everyone differently. I suggest counseling to help you deal with these feelings. Don’t let them get the better of you. Depression is fast becoming an epidemic and can be crippling, so get some help and let the professionals help you back to your happy-go-lucky outlook!

Dawn Bright is a longtime resident of the Emerald Coast and an eternal optimist. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about her. Email your questions to


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