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Playing for Change

Stephanie Leigh Hall Playing for Change Independent Now calling the Gulf Coast home, this songbird is full of bluesy notes and southern twang. In between songs about love and life, two stand out the most to me. “The Burn,” with its jazzy, waltz-like rhythm that transports you to a smoky speakeasy...

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M*A*S*H Matters

On the first 2020 episodes of M*A*S*H Matters, co-host and longtime cast member Jeff Maxwell (Igor) welcomes the great Loretta Swit for a fascinating two-parter, in which the former Margaret “Hot Lips” Hoolihan shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes and somehow manages to work in a brief master class...

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The Fuzzy Orange EP

Nervous Pulp The Fuzzy Orange EP Pensacola alternative rockers deliver with their spunky debut EP. A culmination of styles and influences makes Nervous Pulp both unique and a little difficult to accurately describe. The Fuzzy Orange EP is a great moment for the new band as they work...

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The PASTE Podcast

PASTE used to be a print publication—they notably featured local singer-songwriter Gileah Taylor on one of their sampler CDs about a decade ago—but now exist solely in the digital universe. And they flood my inbox with about a dozen emails every day. The PASTE Podcast is blessedly short—about half...

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Fresh Blood

For the hosts of Decibel Geek’s Fresh Blood, rock ‘n roll is not dead, and based on the most recent episode I’d have to agree. An hour plus of choice cuts played in full with enlightening commentary, and if nothing else, I’m eternally grateful to these guys for turning me on to Bombus. Both of my...

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Hope Given Feathers Independent “I won’t forget you, so please don’t forget me,” sings Beachcomber Music Award winner Given on “Seattle,” the closing track of her five-song EP. And we would never. We will always call Given our own, no matter where her feet currently touch the ground. Feathers...

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Vulture Culture


Vulture Culture

Century Media

Nine tracks of Motorhead-influenced heavy metal crunch that’ll pummel their way right into what’s left of your heart. “Mama” is not a redo of the 1983 Genesis classic, but a stunning new anthem that’ll come in handy next Mother’s Day.

– Chris Manson

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