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Spring Cleaning Tips and Other Bad Advice

This issue’s start date, March 19, marks the first day of spring. And there’s not a darn thing you can do about it.

Don’t get me wrong. Spring is great. People tend to be kinder towards one another, even in an election year. There’s a spirit of generosity that you don’t find any other time.

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Thank You, Leap Day!

Not only did February 2020 bring us 02/20/2020, the first Palindrome Day in ages—and the last for another hundred-plus years—the so-called Leap Day, Feb. 29, has at last converged to make the remainder of this year as perfect as you could ever imagine.   Or maybe the stars aligned perfectly or...

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My Fearless Predictions for 2020

At some point during the dawn of the Roaring Twenties, I will be awarded the key to the city by the mayor of Destin. Which I will promptly lose between the driver’s seat and the center console in my car.   The first floating hotel will open on Crab Island on Memorial Day weekend. It will be...

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Here’s to Our Best Year Ever…So Far

Somehow we managed to put out another year’s worth of Beachcombers, and I’m forever indebted to the people who put it all together. And the people who read it and say nice things to me.   We had a great 2019, the highlight for me being the fact that we got our late April issue out while I was...

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Smoke a Big Joint for Washboard

We’re working on some major changes around the Beachcomber offices, not the least of which is moving my desk out into the courtyard overlooking U.S. 98. Not a bad place to work, and the view of the Harbor Docks parking lot is spectacular.   Seriously, some big news is in the pipeline, and...

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What’s Buzzin’ This Week(s)

The Beatles. With the 50th anniversary release of Abbey Road and what would have been John Lennon’s 97th birthday Oct. 9 (the day I’m writing this), the Fab Four are more talked about—and celebrated—than ever. If you had to make a Beatles Greatest Hits playlist, it would just be all of their albums...

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Leaving Las Vegas

What a crazy week leading up to the fine publication you’re holding in your hands right now. Normally, I’m scrambling to get everything together the weekend prior, but I was in Las Vegas with the extended family Friday through Monday for a wedding, and, yeah, I’m exhausted.   I hadn’t been out...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsored by Act4Mystery   How do I get my event/music gig/etc. listed in Beachcomber? Send it to us.   Do you still have any copies of the Stephen King and Molly issue? Yes. We will send you one for $19.99 plus postage, handling and “convenience” fee. Additional fee if you want it mailed...

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