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Pet of the Issue — Lili

Stacie and Mark Hoard write:   Lili is a Red Boston Terrier who turned two this month. We adopted her from a family in Andalusia, Alabama, who had both the mother and father as their pets.   Lili came from a litter of eight puppies—five girls and three boys. We picked her up in Andalusia...

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Pet of the Issue — Ocho

Kristin Collins writes: Ocho is an English Bulldog who will turn three in April. She was born in Kentucky but has been a Florida girl since she was six months old.   Her name means “eight” in Spanish—she got that because she’s the eighth member of our family. Her humans include myself, my...

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Pet of the Issue – Hubert

“Hubert” Hotdog Humphrey, a 16-year-old senior dachshund from Santa Rosa Beach, writes: “I’m loyal, courageous, independent and very intelligent. I enjoy travel, smelling flowers, squirrel patrol, riding in my stroller, and wearing bowties. I ring a service bell for treats—my favorites are yogurt...

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Pet of the Issue – Oliver

Gretchen Peters writes: “Oliver was born August 28, 2019, in Arab, Alabama, and now lives in Nashville and Seagrove Beach. He’s a Labrador retriever and is currently learning to sit, stay and be a good boy. He loves all people and dogs, but is not too sure about cats. He likes to eat leaves and...

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Pet of the Issue: Charlie

Chris Lesak writes: “This is Charlie, an 11-year-old standard poodle full of love. She’s adored by the family, especially the grandchildren.”   Chris and wife Gerri are Charlie’s third dog parents. Charlie was rescued from Enterprise, Alabama, at the age of 5. “All he wants to do is be loved...

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Bob Luongo writes: “Two years ago my Jack Russell friend of 15 years died. Penny was my constant companion. For the last two years I’ve had many recurring dreams where I was trying to find my Penny, and they were always sad and elusive. Finally, this past September I decided to look for a new Penny...

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Baby Princess Shih Tzu Sloan

Submitted by Amanda Sloan, Shalimar Amanda tells Beachcomber she raised the Shih Tzu’s father and rescued her mother in Oklahoma. Princess was the runt of the litter, and her parents live with Amanda’s ex-husband in Oklahoma. “One unique thing about Baby is that her tongue is always hanging out,”...

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Angel the Cat and JoJo the Bird

Submitted by Dan Fugate and Edward McGrath, Blues Angel Music, Pensacola “JoJo, the blue and gold macaw, is 22 years old and has been with us since the early days,” Mr. Fugate tells Beachcomber. “Back then, Jim (a Blues Angel Music employee) would bring him to work every day and take him home at...

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Submitted by Jeff Chesser “I rescued Sadie from the highway when she was a little puppy,” Mr. Chesser tells Beachcomber. “She almost caused a wreck and wound up under my truck.” Sadie grew up at the Dog Park and riding in Mr. Chesser’s truck. Her favorite Beachcomberland spots include Mimmo’s...

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Submitted by Christie Sachse Bella is about four and a half years old. “I found her a few months ago,” Christie tells Beachcomber. Bella needed grooming and wasn’t fixed. “Whoever had her did not take care of her.” Christie says the Yorkie, who is blind in the left eye, is “the best little...

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