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Shifting Sands

By Dave Rauschkolb   Those power brokers intent on denying the public’s right to use and enjoy our beach as we have since time immemorial are determined to paint this as a private property rights issue. Customary Use is not an attack against private property rights, it is an affirmation that...

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Letting Go of Tradition

By Chris Leavenworth   Are you a grown adult that celebrates the tradition of receiving holiday gifts? I know I am. I have all kinds of stupid stuff I want. This year I’m letting go of that tradition and here’s why.   I live west of Bay County. Most likely, I’ll be warm and safe celebrating...

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Governor Rick Scott Rated A-Plus by NRA

By Vickie Neapolitan-Scott, Indivisible NWFL   Governor Rick Scott has signed five pro-gun bills into law, more than any other governor in Florida’s history. With 50 people dead after the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016 and 17 killed recently in Parkland, Scott has also seen more...

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Nowhere Man

By Nikki Hedrick   I’m 32. I didn’t quite grow up with the Internet, but in many ways we hit our adolescence together. Creeps who hide behind screen names and trolls looking for attention aren’t anything new, but through the Internet their voices have a much further reach.   I’ve had amazing...

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In Defense of Darkness

By Chris Leavenworth   I have a bad habit of downloading Facebook on my phone whenever I need to look something up and then not uninstalling it when I’m finished. I know I should just exercise better self-control, but I really don’t like having it on me wherever I go.   On New Year’s Eve, I...

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The Russian Connection

By Chris Leavenworth   To not acknowledge or to disregard the enormous wealth of evidence that connects Trump and cohorts to the Kremlin interfering with US election is to be overtly misinformed at this point.   What’s painfully obvious is how belligerent the president can be to any world...

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