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Paging Dr. Morgan…

I was going to be a doctor.

I majored in political science as an undergraduate and received a master’s degree in American Studies (my thesis was “The Literature of Disgust”). I incorrectly thought this provided me with  a strong foundation in pre-med.

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The Circle We Call Life

By Charles Morgan III   I like sad songs. It has been said that the music that is most influential in people’s lives is the music you listened to between the age of 16 to 25 years.   I spent the first half of an illustrious college career in Sewanee, Tennessee. If you like gloomy weather...

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Back in New York City

By Charles Morgan III   I spent a week in New York City earlier this month, waiting for my daughter to have a baby. Leah and Matt had a beautiful baby boy named Oliver. It was all perfect.   My role in the process was to offer emotional support, and for the most part stay out of the way. So I...

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In Memoriam: Harold Destin

By Charles Morgan III   Harold Destin died last week. He had lived in Destin for 64 years.   Harold’s father, Chubby Destin, ran the Shooting Star for many years. His mother Pat ran the booking booths. I first met Susan, Harold’s sister, when she was babysitting for Tommy and Janie Browning at...

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Music Brings Us Together

By Charles Morgan III   There is an ancient Chinese curse—“May you live in interesting times.”   It might not sound like a curse, but the implication is that times of chaos and tumult are not something to be desired.   We live in a time of tremendous divisiveness and turmoil. We’ve been...

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