Thank You, Leap Day!

Not only did February 2020 bring us 02/20/2020, the first Palindrome Day in ages—and the last for another hundred-plus years—the so-called Leap Day, Feb. 29, has at last converged to make the remainder of this year as perfect as you could ever imagine.


Or maybe the stars aligned perfectly or something to that effect.


The following tidbits have appeared ad nauseum on the Internet, in memes ranging from poorly designed to really poorly designed. The Beachcomber is proud to be the first and only publication to include this valuable information in print form.


Valentine’s Day is on a Friday. That’s Feb. 14, fellas. Write it down. Add it to your Google Calendar. Set an Alexa reminder. Set another Alexa reminder.


For Pete’s sake, do NOT forget. If you do, you will be reminded for the rest of your soon-to-be-short life.


Cinco De Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday. We can only hope that the Beachcomber Music Awards Hall of Famers Cadillac Willy will be performing at La Paz in Destin that night. Happily, our music insider tells me the guys are already being fitted for sombreros.


FYI, that’s May 5, the same day as my late, great father’s birthday. So I’ll be doing Taco Tuesday with the Willies and listening to Frankie Ford’s “Sea Cruise”—Dad’s all-time favorite record—nonstop. Is it too late to ask the band to work up a 17-minute jam band arrangement?


July 4 is on a Saturday. Now my doggies can be terrified by fireworks well into the early-to-mid-morning hours Sunday!


Halloween is on a Saturday. Never mind that most of the kiddies and grownups wouldn’t have called in sick from school and work, anyway.


Christmas is on Friday. Which puts Christmas Eve on Thursday and Returns Day on Saturday. Isn’t math fun, kids?


The New Year starts with a three-day weekend! January 1, 2021 falls on a Friday, so no matter what goes south this year—and I’m still highly optimistic—the next one is going to be the best ever!

Love, Editor Manson




I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for helping our fight against cancer. We signed more members up to our Fort Walton Beach team and raised over $700 at our kickoff event.


We really couldn’t have done that without your help in spreading the word. I wanted to say how much we appreciate you posting our event.

– Shelley Hicks, 2020 Fort Walton Beach Relay for Life Market



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