Rob Romans Picks the 10 Most Romantic Songs

Musician Rob Romans and wife Gina at a Fore Her fundraising event in 2019.

Heads up, y’all… Valentine’s Day is only weeks away. You have no excuse for letting it sneak up on you again this year. But in case you do let the days slip by and you’re caught in a pinch, let me suggest a handful of songs that you should download and have playing in the background as you give that special someone a box of drugstore candy and a bouquet of whatever flowers happen to be left standing—or, more likely, wilting—at the grocery store.

Yup, you’re screwed, but at least the music will be good. Let’s go…


Alan Jackson, “Remember When”

For those of us with a few years under our belt, you can’t get much sweeter than this classic walk down memory lane.


Alexi Murdoch, “All of My Days”

Surprised you with this one, right? Bet you didn’t think a cover artist like old Rob Romans would even know about a hip indie like Murdoch? Well, I do, and he’s great. This song is for you if your life has been tough—especially in the companionship department—and you now have found that person who completes you.

Great, now I have that scene from Jerry Maguire running through my mind.


John Denver, “Annie’s Song”

Soaring, joyful, and just plain lovely. Denver’s love song to his then-wife Annie Martell Denver was written in about 10 minutes…after he just finished an X Games-worthy ski run down some mountain in Colorado.

See, ladies?  Just because it’s done fast, doesn’t mean it ain’t great!


The Marshall Tucker Band, “Can’t You See”

He loves her.  She leaves him and doesn’t even say goodbye. He threatens to kill himself. Emo love song gold, and the guys from MTB didn’t even wear eyeliner or dye their hair Vantablack…

Look it up, baby birds, I’m not here to feed you.


Howie Day, “Collide”

A darn good tune that captures the feelings we all have about uncertainty that segues into comfort, and the slow burn love that comes from reconnecting and reconciling.


Matt Nathanson, “Come On Get Higher”

Pure puppy love here, but it’s a sweet song with some pretty evocative lyrics.


Loggins and Messina, “Danny’s Song”

The go-to song for you young newlyweds. You’ve got love, dreams and hopes, but not much else. Keep close together, hand in hand. Good things will come to you in time!


Train, “Marry Me”

Yeah, I know—so syrupy sweet, it almost makes your teeth hurt just to listen. But dang it, I like the song. When I play it at gigs, folks—especially the ladies—always sing along, so I guess I’m not alone.


Van Morrison, “Someone Like You”

Perhaps the greatest love song written in the modern age for couples finding love late in their lives. Not only is the message spot-on, but Morrison’s throaty, somewhat-raspy singing style grabs you deep and holds on tight.  Perfection.


Rob Romans, “Old Bainbridge Road”

Really?! He kept us reading through nine picks—all of them pretty good selections–just to plug one of his own songs?

Yup. Deal with it.

I used to drive down Old Bainbridge Road in Tallahassee, on my way to pick Gina up on our dates. Old Bainbridge Road is one of Florida’s great canopy roads. They grew so thick and close to the edge of the blacktop that on a few occasions, I lost the passenger side mirror to a tree/pedestrian/cyclist.

It doesn’t matter to this writer that you, gentle reader, may not be familiar with this love song. Trust me—my wife Gina is, and the way she lights up when I play it for her is all that matters.


Rob Romans performs regularly along the Emerald Coast. Check out his upcoming dates in this issue’s Live Music section.

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