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The Listening Room: Records, Podcasts and More

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Tanya Gallagher

One Hand on My Heart

Head Above Water

Santa Rosa County musician delivers a soulful/folkie post-breakup album of considerable force, along with pop smarts. She’ll be at the Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach Wednesday, Jan. 15, and let’s hope she plays all of these.

– Chris Manson


Big Band of Brothers

A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band

New West Records

Big Band of Brothers is a 15-piece ensemble that sports notable talents—Jazz at Lincoln Center trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, former Allman Brothers guitarist Jack Pearson, and vocalists Marc Broussard and Ruthie Foster. This recording was released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the legendary band’s debut album. Nothing’s as good as the original Allman Brothers, but that wasn’t the point here. Not exactly a tribute album, nor a collection (they had to have struggled to pare the song list down to 10 tracks), Big Band of Brothers does what jazz does best—interprets and comments. The program styles on well-known titles like “Statesboro Blues” and “Whipping Post,” and also jumps off into self-referential stuff like “Les Brers in A Minor” (Les Brers was a band formed by former Allman Brothers members in 2015).

– Bruce Collier



Vulture Culture

Century Media

Nine tracks of Motorhead-influenced heavy metal crunch that’ll pummel their way right into what’s left of your heart. “Mama” is not a redo of the 1983 Genesis classic, but a stunning new anthem that’ll come in handy next Mother’s Day.

– Chris Manson



A Faded Rose of Days Gone By

Creek Mud Records

Panama City-based Bulk. bends to the metal side of hardcore with torrential tempos and all the ferocity that defines the genre. This six-song EP is uncompromising, brutal and electrifying. It’s a step forward from their debut, especially when it comes to overall production quality. You can hear the growth—all the ways the band has tightened up and are on the path to crafting a sound that is uniquely theirs. Sophomore slump avoided.

– Nikki Hedrick

Hope Given



“I won’t forget you, so please don’t forget me,” sings Beachcomber Music Award winner Given on “Seattle,” the closing track of her five-song EP. And we would never. We will always call Given our own, no matter where her feet currently touch the ground. Feathers encompasses so much of what makes Given unique—her ability to story-tell and self-deprecate in relatable proportions, her knack for wordplay, and her vocal tone. May we all have Given’s bravery to unlock our cages and fly towards our dreams.

– Nikki Hedrick



Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is in Pensacola this month (see Stage section), but Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast reveals a lot more about the man than his marvelously filthy standup act. I originally landed on an episode from 2016 with longtime MAD magazine contributors Al Jaffee and Dick DeBartolo, which led me to a truly revelatory installment with the great Dick Van Dyke from the same year.


Mr. Gottfried is clearly enjoying himself throughout these podcasts, and it’s obvious that co-host Frank Santopadre is doing his homework. Recent episodes worth checking out include a conversation with Dolemite Is My Name screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, and a Blazing Saddles 45th anniversary tribute with writers Andrew Bergman and Norman Steinberg.

For the hosts of Decibel Geek’s Fresh Blood, rock ‘n roll is not dead, and based on the most recent episode I’d have to agree. An hour plus of choice cuts played in full with enlightening commentary, and if nothing else, I’m eternally grateful to these guys for turning me on to Bombus.


Both of my picks are available on Spotify, which means you can probably find them on Apple Music, too.

– Chris Manson


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