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The Beachcomber Fishing Report

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December bay fishing can be fun as long as you’re patient. Target deeper water docks and deeper pockets of the bay—that’s where you’ll find the trout and redfish. The bridges are also a good place to target redfish and sheephead this time of the year.


Live bait is always best in my opinion—however, to find the fish use soft plastics to search them out.



Bottom fishing is our go-to this time of the year—targeting grouper, mingo and mangrove snapper. Always fish areas of rocky bottom, reefs or wrecks. This time of the year, there are several species that are closed so always refer to the FWC for what species to target.


Still have been some good catches of flounder—just make sure you have live bull minnows. They seem to work well for other species as well.



Winter bonitas off the end of the piers on those cold north wind mornings. Look for redfish, pompano, whiting and flounder this time of the year. This pattern should stay consistent until the spring.


In the surf, look for whiting and a possible pompano or redfish. Keep those live sand fleas, fresh shrimp and fish bites ready to go.


Remember get out there and enjoy our Gulf Coast!


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