Advice for Beachcombers

Dear Dawn,

My wife and I are coming down to spend a few winter months in a swanky rental in Destin. I’d like to bring our dogs, but my wife doesn’t think there are any dog-friendly beaches in Destin. We don’t have Internet access, so can’t really look this up. Can you look it up for us?

– Chuck M. from Lexington, Kentucky



I appreciate your handwritten letter, Chuck, but I really don’t know how you can get by without Internet. How did you find your rental? How will you know what the weather is going to do every day? How will you decide where to have dinner, or who has a good sale going on, or what channel the Dallas Cowboys will be broadcast on? It’s mind-boggling.


But, in answer to your question, yes, I can and did look it up for you. It turns out your wife was right, even without Internet access. There are no dog-friendly beaches in Destin, but Miramar Beach does allow dogs to be walked on a leash. The next closest beaches are in Pensacola—Bayview Dog Park and Beach, and both Pensacola Beach West and Pensacola Beach East dog parks. So come on down and bring your four-legged family members with you!

Dear Dawn,

I do not enjoy freezing cold weather, so come down to Okaloosa Island every year and stay in a condo for a couple of months. My wife of 30 years loves the cold weather and stays home while I escape. The issue is, I have a mistress down here who is becoming more and more demanding. We’ve been meeting for about 15 years. Why is she suddenly so clingy and needy?

– Mike M. from Dayton, Ohio



Well, let’s see, Mike. You’ve been cheating on your wife for 15 years with the same woman. Your wife stays home minding the house and taking care of business while you gallivant around. It’s hard to believe you’ve gotten away with this for 15 years, and the only thing you want to know is why your mistress is so clingy. I can only say human nature is we want what we want. And your so-called mistress has finally decided you are so amazingly desirable she wants you 100 percent of the time. That would certainly cause some clinginess on her end, given someone else is clinging to you 10 months of the year while she gets only two.


This sounds disastrous for everyone involved, Mike. I suggest coming clean, figuring out who you want to cling to 100 percent of the time and making some changes in your complicated, tragic life. Not that I’m judging you. Just sayin’.

Dear Dawn,

I just found out what a “hot spot” is and how to set one up. This is apparently Technology 101 and I somehow missed it. Where are you, technology-wise?

– Carol M. from 30A



I’m probably in the Technology 301 area. I know how to do what I need to do. Shop. Check the weather. Set up a tee time. You know, the normal. I get blindsided when my mail quits working, but have learned it’s best to just wait it out. So yeah, maybe I’m more in the 202 area.

Dawn Bright is an eternal optimist. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about her. Email your questions to


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