Thankful for New Tunes, Stephen King, and Bloody Marys

Editor Manson gets into the holiday reading season.

This being the time of year it is, I like to reflect on what I’m thankful for. First and foremost, I’m thankful that I work for somebody that hates having meetings as much as I do.


Second, I’m thankful for some stunning new music from Beachcomber Music Award winning artists.


Nik Flagstar dropped a demo video of his latest original song “Every Other Monday” on YouTube a couple days ago, and it’s terrific. I found myself singing along well after the video ended, and the lyrics—from the point of view of a divorced dad splitting child custody with his ex—actually have some meaning.


Hope Given, who recently left our world for Seattle, released a five-song EP called Feathers on all the usual streaming sites. The first track is four minutes of nothing but humming and strumming, and somehow Hope makes it work. The other four songs are pretty wonderful, too.


Speaking of Hope, she’s the only person that ever wrote a song about me. It was inspired by my visit with author Stephen King in Sarasota a couple years ago, and unfortunately, it didn’t make it onto the album.


Which leads me to Stephen King—or Steve, as his close pals refer to him. Okay, Mr. King. When I met the great man, I asked—okay, begged—him to sign my copy of his book On Writing. What sealed the deal, I believe, is that I thumbed to the appendix of his recommended books and pointed out that I’d read a bunch of them.


If you follow Stephen King on Twitter, you’ll get lots of great book recommendations. I’ve always admired the Master of Horror’s generosity when it comes to giving other writers a boost, but when the heck does he even find time to read?


Mr. King’s latest Twitter recommendation is one of his best yet. It’s the Betty’s Attic holiday catalog, which I promptly sent off for—along with, I’m sure, a few hundred thousand other people.


It’s a wonderful publication, full of great gift ideas for old people or anyone into retro fun and games and whatnot. I found about a dozen ideal gift items for myself and friends/family members/complete strangers, and I was only on Page 2.


Have a look at this issue’s Opening Remarks photo if you doubt my sincerity.


Happy Thanksgiving, and I apologize for not having my annual Every Dish from Last Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Ranked list ready for this issue. Next year, faithful readers…

Love, Editor Manson




Beachcomber attended—and sponsored—The Market Shops Bloody Mary Festival the weekend before this issue went to press. It was great fun, and everyone gave their all, including the people that actually prepared the drinks.


Editor Manson would like to thank Dread Clampitt for the shout-out from the stage and congratulate the 2019 winners:



The Surf Hut



Rockin Tacos



The Surf Hut



Jackacudas Seafood & Sushi


Coincidentally, there’s a really nice photo of Rockin Tacos’ John Perry on page 20. With a very attractive young lady, too!


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