What’s Buzzin’ This Week(s)

Editor Manson stops by artist Kelly Pierre’s booth in HarborWalk Village to inform him he’ll be on the cover of BEACHCOMBER. Which of these two fellas looks “genuinely” happy?
Photo by Robin Sanchez.

The Beatles. With the 50th anniversary release of Abbey Road and what would have been John Lennon’s 97th birthday Oct. 9 (the day I’m writing this), the Fab Four are more talked about—and celebrated—than ever. If you had to make a Beatles Greatest Hits playlist, it would just be all of their albums in full. They were as perfect as a phone call to the Ukraine.


And if only two members of the original group can still record and tour as The Who (their new music sounds pretty great, by the way), why can’t Paul and Ringo just go out there and be the Beatles? Or team up with Ian Anderson and tour as the Jethro Beatulls?


Paula and I went to the Destin Seafood Festival last weekend, and the Beachcomber Music Award winning RoshamBeatles were playing. I thought it would be nifty if they did “When I’m Sixty-Four,” since Paula was celebrating her 64th birthday that weekend. Alas, they didn’t know that one, and the RoshamBeatles will not be mentioned in this publication again. Ever.


Jimmy Carter. America’s greatest ex-president, who is well into his 90s, took a fall recently. He was back to work the next day building houses with Habitat for Humanity. This is something to aspire to, as I’m in my early 50s and can’t change a light bulb if I’m even a smidge hungover.


Mr. Carter also prepared lunch for 300 volunteers, changed a flat tire on a supply truck, and climbed up a very tall tree to rescue a frightened kitty cat. I’m pretty sure he could kick Chuck Norris’ ass, too.


Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful suffered a heart attack, then promised he’d be up and ready for the Democratic debate the following week. When I had my “episode,” I had to take a whole month off from being funny.


Some of you wise guys would say I’m still on a break.


Joker. An unpleasant R-rated comic book movie about a psychopathic supervillain—just what America needs right now. Directed and co-written by a schmuck who says he can’t make comedy flicks anymore because of the political climate or some such similar nonsense.


Kangaroo Court. Presided over, of course, by the Honorable Judge Hippety Hopper.


Fall Weather. Should be here by mid-to-late December. Be patient.


The Return of the Red Bar. This week, ground was broken on Hotz Avenue in Grayton Beach. The legendary South Walton establishment will rebuild and hopefully re-open by Memorial Day 2020. Which is great, because Dread Clampitt and the Red Bar Jazz Band need the gigs, man…


Contributing Editor Bruce Collier talks to The Red Bar’s Oli Petit in our Oct. 24 issue. Watch for it.


The Emerald Coast Is Hunkering Down. This time of year, the locals are preparing for that thing we all dread. Boarding up the windows. Dusting off the generators. Stocking up on bottled water and non-perishables.


But in spite of all these efforts, the Snowbirds are still coming.


Love, Editor Manson
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