Angel the Cat and JoJo the Bird

Submitted by Dan Fugate and Edward McGrath, Blues Angel Music, Pensacola


“JoJo, the blue and gold macaw, is 22 years old and has been with us since the early days,” Mr. Fugate tells Beachcomber. “Back then, Jim (a Blues Angel Music employee) would bring him to work every day and take him home at night. One day on the drive, JoJo flew out the window of Jim’s car. Jim stopped and turned around immediately, but couldn’t find JoJo.


“After searching, Jim made flyers and posted them around town… A couple of weeks went by before Jim got the call. A man and his daughter had found JoJo, but wanted to meet Jim to make sure he was a good person and suitable to care for the bird. The man and his daughter, who had fallen in love with JoJo, brought him to the store to meet Jim. After a chat, they reunited JoJo with Jim. He’s lived in the store ever since.”


One night when Blues Angel Music was still on Navy Blvd., Jim got a call about the alarm system in the store going off. “When he arrived, he found a kitten had fallen through the ceiling into the store,” says Mr. Fugate.


“Angel has been cuddling on customers, lying in the sun and staring at the fish in the drum set aquarium since. She has never tried to get out the front door, even though one of her favorite sunning spots is right by the door.”

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