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Tom Roston

The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World

Abrams Press

To New Yorkers (present or former), The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World means only one place—Windows on the World, crown jewel of the World Trade Center. It was a place they loved or loved to hate. It transcended all controversy on 9/11. Roston starts his story on that last day, then backtracks, chronicling restaurateur Joe Baum’s stubborn vision of a gastronomical palace in the sky. It’s birth revitalized downtown; its demise brought the city together to move forward. The decorations and food didn’t please everyone, but if you could afford it, you went, until it vanished forever.

– Bruce Collier


Alan Paul and Andy Aledort

Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan

St. Martin’s Press

The rise, fall and spectacular recovery of the guitar god, told mostly by the people who were there. The authors—guitar freaks in their own right—focus on celebrating the man and his music rather than dwelling on the (SPOILER ALERT) tragic ending. One of the most readable music bios of the year.

– Chris Manson


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