The Record Roundup

Aleph Duo

Acerca de Mexico


Aleph Duo comprises guitarists Gustavo Camacho Gomez and Eric Trejo Santiago. Acerca de Mexico (About Mexico) is their second album, offering 12 Mexican songs, arranged for and rendered on classical guitar. Some of the tunes date back to the ‘40s and ‘30s, some have been around so long they’re just called “traditional.” It’s a great mix of sad love ballads, a waltz, pop favorites, and a rendering of what’s reportedly the most-recorded Mexican song of all time—“Besame Mucho” (“Kiss Me a Lot”). Gomez and Santiago fit seamlessly together, injecting style, humor and spirit into the Great Mexican Songbook.

– Bruce Collier

Sammie Beare



Dipping a toe into the electropop, Destin-based Beare wavers from ethereal break-up songs to moody digitized expressions. Loser is a great look at the new directions pop music is moving into and its genre-bending ability to appeal to a wider range of music consumers.  It’s a modern pop record for modern fans that desire more than bubblegum dressings.

– Nikki Hedrick

Sebastian Manz and Sebastian Studnitzky

A Bernstein Story

Berlin Classics

German clarinetist Sebastian Manz has an impressive classical repertoire, and German pianist/trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky has an equally formidable jazz résumé. This makes them the perfect duo to interpret the works of Leonard Bernstein, who moved masterfully in and out of classical and modern music. The album’s cover art evokes the legendary musical/opera West Side Story, and the two musicians reportedly met and recorded without prior rehearsal. The 17 tracks include a clarinet sonata, “Clubhouse Fanfare,” composer Steve Reich’s “New York Counterpoint for Clarinet” and a rich sampling of Lenny’s portfolio referencing Stravinsky and other works by Reich. Fun and educational.

– Bruce Collier

Micky Mouth

W!sdom 2 Know


Beachcomber Music Award winner Micky Mouth’s EP follows a flurry of recent singles. W!sdom 2 Know is autobiographical—a look at Micky’s past, present, and where he aims to place his future. This EP also marks a growth in Micky’s style of hip-hop, from the sample choices to the flow. It displays a more cultivated style and approach.

– Nikki Hedrick

The Teskey Brothers

Run Home Slow


Bringing in the funk, blues and soul from Melbourne (Australia, not the Space Coast), the Teskey Brothers could not be mistaken for a tribute band—they have the goods. Lead singer Josh Teskey sometimes sounds like a Motown stalwart, other times like Joe Cocker with some self-control. Run Home Slow is their fifth album, 11 tracks that wail, plead and cry in the grand tradition. I could hear Allman Brothers, the whole Stax roster, gospel, and even a little country honky tonk twang. If only some American musicians would just get over themselves, they could sound like the Teskeys, too.

– Bruce Collier


Hitsville: The Making of Motown


Soundtrack to the recent, excellent Showtime documentary is an hour longer than the movie in its streaming incarnation, and with one enduring classic after another, I’m not complaining. As good as any Motown compilation, perhaps better due to the inclusion of a few less-celebrated but equally worthy ringers.

– Chris Manson – Since 1997, P&P has been the definitive place for music fans to find out when a new album is coming out. Also stay up on the latest reissues and music‑related DVD/Blu‑rays and books. Elton John says he uses to keep track of new music, and Entertainment Weekly has included it on its list of “The 100 Greatest Web Sites,” one of only 17 music sites to be selected.


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