On Mood Rings, Fall Fun, and Being Waterlogged

By Dawn Bright


Dear Dawn,

I have to drink water and only water because of health issues. I’m sick of water and am craving a Dr. Pepper. Why can’t they make soda-flavored water?

– Geoff H. from 30A



Well, Geoff, technically soda is “soda-flavored water.” In fact, in researching this, I found several sources claiming soda is 90 percent water, and diet soda is 99 percent water. I don’t know if that’s true, but it does appear the main ingredient is water. I’m sure having that occasional soda won’t hurt you, but you can’t only drink soda just because it may be primarily made up of water. If you do, you might experience weight gain, tooth decay, dehydration from all that caffeine, and a spike in your blood sugar which can make you tired, irritable and hungry.


So just keep drinking that water. Make a game of it. Challenge yourself to reach your water goals each day. Reward yourself (in healthy ways) for reaching those goals. Your body will thank you for it!

Dear Dawn,

My mom recently went through her costume jewelry and gave a bunch of it to me. One item was a mood ring. Why are mood rings so fun to wear?

Debra P. from Dothan, Alabama



Right? I love mood rings! Reminds me of the old Egyptian-bracelets of the ‘70s. Remember those? It was a ring you wore on your middle finger, with a chain that connected to a bracelet. And pet rocks. I had a couple of those, too!


But back to mood rings. It’s fun to see the colors change, and it’s fun to figure out if the color changed because of your mood. Amber? You must be unhappy or nervous about something. Green? Calm. Blue? Relaxed and at ease. Gray? Strained and anxious. Black? You are no doubt tense and nervous. And violet? Passionate and excited. Does any of that make sense? Of course not! It’s just silliness. Which is one reason mood rings are so fun to wear. I think I’ll dig mine out, too, just for fun!

Dear Dawn,

The weather this time of year in our area is amazing. I wonder why more people don’t visit in September and October? Don’t they know how fabulous it is? Plus it’s not crowded because everyone comes in the summer.

– Janie A. from Destin



You are right about how wonderful it is here this time of year. It’s still hot, like summer, but it doesn’t seem as humid. It would be great if more people knew this secret about our area, but in reality, a lot of people have to plan their vacations around the kids’ summer breaks from school, or the best time they can be away from work. Which means after a long summer full of vacationing tourists, we locals get a break from the traffic, can return to our favorite activities and restaurants without all the overcrowding, and can once again really enjoy living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Dawn Bright is an eternal optimist. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about her. Email your questions to office@beachcomberdestin.com.


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