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Beachcomber Music Award winner for Best Male Vocalist Austin Jennings couldn’t make it to the big event, so Editor Manson caught up with him at Slick Mick’s in Fort Walton Beach to present him with his trophy. Not pictured—Editor Manson, because someone had to take the photo.

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How do I get my event/music gig/etc. listed in Beachcomber?

Send it to us.


Do you still have any copies of the Stephen King and Molly issue?

Yes. We will send you one for $19.99 plus postage, handling and “convenience” fee. Additional fee if you want it mailed “flat” and not folded in half.


Somebody called me, saying they were from Beachcomber, and warned me that unless I transferred $999 into your PayPal account, they’d sic the IRS on me. Was this a scam?

If they called you before 10 AM, yes. We never call anyone before 10 AM.


How do I get my place of business in Beachcomber?

Advertise. Or throw a banquet for Editor Manson that culminates in his receiving an award or something. Get Jim Clark to come by and take photos.


Why do you insist on putting your photo on page 3 of every issue of Beachcomber?

Because I’m way more camera-friendly than Austin Jennings.


I was wondering how you determined the nominees for this year’s Beachcomber Music Awards.

Anyone that’s still active around here and has won in previous years was automatically included on the initial nominating ballot. The other candidates were submitted by a small group of knowledgeable people “in the business” (the music business, not the Mafia). Those with the most mentions were on the final nominating ballot, which was narrowed down to three in each category (four in the Hall of Fame because of a tie).


I wish I could tell you that the musicians that buy me drinks when I pop in for a gig are shoo-ins for the final ballot, but I like to keep things honest. Anyway, what business is it of yours?


I don’t see a lot of—well, any—negative reviews in the Record Roundup or books/movies/TV reviews. Are you guys a bunch of pushovers or what?

There’s so much stuff out there that’s worthy of your ear and eye time (and ours), it would be a waste of valuable real estate to focus on stuff we didn’t care for.


With the emergence of Spotify and other music streaming services, you can listen to just about everything, and sure enough, every Friday there are at least a dozen new albums I want to check out. If something doesn’t grab me on the first three tracks, chances are I’ll never get back to it.


Note: I still buy actual CDs and LPs, just not as many as I used to.


Same for movies and shows—I’ll give you 10 minutes, that’s about all I can afford. On the rare occasion I attend a screening at an actual movie theater, I will stay for the whole thing unless I find it morally reprehensible. In those cases, I will watch the film twice and pre-order the DVD on my way out to the parking lot.


As far as books, I subscribe to Audible, so I’m pretty committed to whatever audiobook I’ve downloaded that month—because, $14.95, geez. I also get a lot of advance copies of books from NetGalley and try to read at least the first chapter of every title they send my way. Okay, the first sentence… the first word…


Aren’t you sorry you asked now?

Love, Editor Manson




Bella is gorgeous, and I enjoy seeing a once-abandoned animal transformed by love (Pet of the Issue, Aug. 29-Sept. 11 Beachcomber).

– Rebecca Rush



We just wanted to take the time to say thank you to those who nominated us, and again to everyone that voted for us to win the award for Best Metal Artist (“The Chosen Ones,” Aug. 29-Sept. 11 Beachcomber). Alas, it is currently being “held hostage” by the person we entrusted to grab it in our absence—Nikki Hedrick… We are getting daily photos, though, and Awardy is being well taken care of thus far.

– The Helvetica Effect



Editor’s Note: The Helvetica Effect’s new album, The Collapse, is terrific, and why haven’t you picked up a copy yet?



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