Behind the In-Between: Towne

By Nikki Hedrick


Towne returns to our town to promote their new album In the In Between at Seaside’s REP Theatre Thursday, Sept. 26, at 7 PM.


Two-thirds of the band talked to Beachcomber about their milestones and how this region has always welcomed them with open arms. They have been a part of the annual 30A Songwriters Festival for several years running.


“Honestly, I don’t even think we applied to do it last year…and then the community was like, ‘Where’s Towne? Why are they not on the list of acts?’” says Steevie Steeves. “And so, we love going to where we’re loved. The area is very welcoming to us and they’re supportive of our music. We’re very appreciative.”


“We actually played the REP Theatre in April,” says Jon Decious. “They were like, ‘Okay, well, we will try to sell this theater out.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ We were both kind of crossing our fingers, hoping that the show would go well and then out of the blue people showed up and the whole area continues to amaze us and make us feel very loved.”


Although Towne has released music previously, In the In Between is the band’s first full-length. “But I think since we’re doing everything ourselves, like we don’t have a label or anything pushing things for us, we just are really focused on soaking every moment up with this album that we possibly can to new fans and new people and giving it every opportunity that we feel it deserves,” says Steeves.


That DIY approach has the band in charge of their social media content, even going as far as producing homegrown videos to accompany singles. For the “Born to Be Wild” video (yes, the Steppenwolf song), Decious says, “We just shot it on our iPhones, and Steevie and Luke (Marshall) got together one day and they edited the footage and then we put it out the next day basically. So I’m sure I will have another marathon video session going the next week or so.”


Originally a duo, Towne transitioned into a trio with the addition of Luke Marshall. They are excited at the prospect of continuing to grow their band as they are able. For now, Steeves jokes, “It’s really nice to have someone else to look at while we’re on the road besides Jon. We were lucky to find Luke or Luke found us. I can’t remember which way that went, but we met at a 4H seminar which was weird.


“We were speaking to kids about music… And he came along, and he hasn’t wanted to get off the bus anytime soon.”


That type of happenstance is not new to the Towne story. After all, nearly next-door neighbors Steeves and Decious didn’t even cross paths until they both attended a songwriting workshop in Wyoming.


Towne often find themselves without a definitive genre label, but it doesn’t worry them too much. Their name is a nod to their blended style. “That’s initially why we’ve named ourselves Towne because we weren’t country or whatever you thought that was,” says Steeves. “We weren’t like big city pop music or anything. We were Towne music, the genre I guess that we created in our mind. It’s not country, it’s not pop—it’s Towne music.”


Get your tickets for the Sept. 26 show at “I have just been an emotional basket case at all of these shows that we do because I’m so grateful that people are showing up and connecting but also it’s just so hard to explain that A-HA! feeling,” says Steeves. “That A-HA! moment of like, you’re finally being yourself and it just feels really, really good.”


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