Time to Quit Complaining

By Charles Morgan III


There comes a time when changes must be made. Changes are made in the political arena in every even numbered year. In the world of business, adjustments are made on a regular basis. Societal changes don’t happen according to any set schedule, but they have happened throughout history and sometimes have been momentous.


Personal changes have to be made also. The aging process requires certain changes—things happen biologically that we don’t have much control over. Some of us have to make all sorts personal changes to be successful or happy or sometimes just to survive.


One of the great things that humans are capable of doing has nothing to do with innovation, invention, success, attaining wealth, procreation, creating art, making music or producing literature.


Humans are capable of consciously making changes in their everyday lives. We can change habits, attitudes and routines. We can change jobs, activities, locations and patterns of behavior.


In my experience, it is sometimes helpful to let people know you are making a change. I think that gives you more incentive to be successful.


I am going to quit complaining.


I don’t know that I was ever in the top echelon of complainers. But I’ve certainly whined more than most people, even though I think I’ve lived a remarkably charmed life. My family, for the most part, has experienced good health. We’ve become educated and enjoyed success. We’ve had failures and have bounced back. Our family has grown and prospered, and we’ve all experienced remarkable times.


It’s time for me to concentrate on something other than criticism, and that could be tough because I’m a critical thinker. But I think I can do it.


There are going to be plenty of people in my circles who might voice opinions on the state of our country…on our leader being a “stable genius,” on the need for common citizens to have military grade assault weapons, on a justice system that is decidedly unjust, on an immigration system that is unfair, on an economic system that cannot continue to give relief to the wealthiest Americans with the promise that the wealth will trickle down to the working poor.


There will always be a 24-hour news cycle full of talking heads complaining about something. There will be people arguing and complaining at bars across the land.


But I will not be one of them.


Recently, I am certain that I have complained about jet skis, pontoon boats, time share operations, t-shirt shops, mattress stores, an overweight population, unnecessary medical procedures, pharmaceutical ads, 1-800 lawyer ads, mislabeled seafood, traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety, climate change, and raw sewage being dumped into the Destin Harbor. One evening, after exhausting my routine complaints, I even shared my disappointment about the sunset.


Farewell to those days. Maybe if I can find something new—something no one else has recognized, something of dramatic impact, something that not one single person in the entire world has ever complained about—well, maybe I’ll complain about that.


I’m not going anywhere, and I won’t be hard to find. It’ll be the new me. I’ll be the guy wandering around with a slight grin (I don’t smile much anyway), lightly glazed eyes (even though I don’t smoke pot), and a cheerful greeting to everyone I meet.


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