Pet of the Issue – Snowy

Submitted by Donnie Morgan

Snow White Queso Morgan, a/k/a Snowy, showed up on Donnie’s back porch in the summer of 2017. “My girlfriend Toni was able to eventually gain her trust and determine that she was pregnant,” he tells Beachcomber.


“Turns out she, the cat, not the girlfriend, was less than a year old and pregnant, so we took her to SOCKS, they put her with a surrogate until she gave birth to two beautiful kittens, then they returned her to her ‘furever’ home, right here with me in Choctaw Beach.”


Donnie isn’t sure what breed Snowy is, “but she’s got tabby in her plus an obvious mix of some local cats running around out here. She is my PURR-fect little mutt. She’s my buddy, and she rescued me just as much as I rescued her…I couldn’t love her any more than I do now!”


Snowy’s hobbies include sleeping, getting loved on, posing for pictures, and “stalking, chasing and playing with the little ghost animals that live in my home,” Donnie says. Her dad being a musician (and 2019 Beachcomber Music Awards nominee with the band Group Therapy), we wondered what kind of tunes Snowy enjoys.


“Anything soft,” Donnie says. “She doesn’t like it when Dad cranks up Motorhead or Slayer.”

“She’s a sweet, shy little soul, but once she warms up to you, she comes out of her shell, and next thing you know, you’re her buddy,” Donnie Morgan says of Snowy.

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