ADVCE: Business, Personal and Tattoo Fails

 By Dawn Bright


Dear Dawn,

I went to a website recently that had a weird name made up of five (apparently) random letters. Then I saw on the bottom of the page instructions on how to pronounce it. My partner and I are in the process of starting up a business and discussing the name. She likes this type of thing, but I don’t. What do you think.

– Angela L. from Destin



Interesting question, Angela. I’m sure when they came up with that name they thought it would be very memorable. And even though this may have backfired on them, they might still think it’s quite clever and have no plans to change it. There’s also the issue of other items with that name prominently displayed, such as merchandise and advertising materials, so changing the name can be very expensive. Do some research, but in general, here’s the common advice on creating a name—keep it short and simple, don’t get cutesy, don’t use dashes, and end with “.com,” the domain extension most people automatically type in. And if you already have a weirdly named site? Consider making a change. It could be costly initially, but you’ll make up for it by not losing potential customers who just can’t remember your site name.

Dear Dawn,

I have a tattoo on my rear end that I got when I was 25 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. It doesn’t look like the original tattoo anymore. It was a lovely cherub, but now her face is misshapen and she actually looks like something out of a horror film. What should I do?

Faith H. from Freeport



Wow, Faith, really? A horror film? You probably do want to do something if she looks that bad. I checked around, and there are two options if simply keeping it covered up isn’t for you. The first is to go to a tattoo artist who specializes in “cover-ups.” These are artists who will take your original tattoo and turn it into something else, or “fix” the flaws in what you have going for you now.


The second option is laser removal. Laser removal is trickier and more expensive, and you could end up with scarring or lighter/darker skin where the tattoo was, so it’s important to go to someone who specializes in this and has a good track record. You can fix her or you can wipe her out…no reason to let Ms. Horror Cherub keep you up at night!

Dear Dawn,

While driving to work in the morning, I see a couple walking together every day. They seem happy. The guy is always looking down and smiling while the woman is talking up a storm. I don’t think they’re married, because married people don’t really like each other. What do you think?

– Peter S. from Gulf Breeze



Wow, Peter. That seems like a bitter and harsh statement. I happen to know a lot of married people who like each other. I think the ultimate goal of marriage is to be with someone you like and with whom you can share not just your innermost thoughts but also your day-to-day living experiences.


If you’ve had a bad marriage, Peter, I can see why you’d be bitter, but get on with it! I’ve had a few of those myself, and just like that couple walking along the street everyday chatting up a storm, I still believe the best thing to do is look forward, not backwards. Get some professional help, Peter, and find your soul mate. You’ll be a better man for it and might just find yourself walking down the street with a smile on your face, too!

Dawn Bright is an eternal optimist. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about her. Email your questions to


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