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Reviews: Aretha Goes to Church, the GLOW Gals Go to Vegas

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Amazing Grace

Realized by Alan Elliott

DVD, Streaming, etc.

A mere 45 years after Sydney Pollack shot footage of Aretha Franklin recording her celebrated live gospel recording of the same name, Mr. Elliott blesses both believers and nonbelievers with what is hands-down the must see film of 2019. Or any year, for that matter.


The performances by Ms. Franklin, the Reverend James Cleveland and the choir are, thankfully, not accompanied by the usual talking heads reminiscing. In this case, the music is more than enough, and my only complaint is that I wish it were longer.

GLOW Season 3


The latest—and best—season finds the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in Vegas, grappling with relationships and a succession of post-mob sleazebags. Some of the characters who existed on the margins in previous seasons really shine this time around, thanks to superior acting and imaginative story development.

– Chris Manson



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