You Better You Bet

Editor Manson, Paula Hilton, Jessika Kelsh and others from the Act4Mystery tribe at this month’s awards ceremony held at La Paz in Destin. Who knew these actors would enjoy playing dress-up so much?

I received an email informing me this is Gambling Awareness Month. Good to know, but it came from


Next thing, they’ll start putting warning labels on packs of cigarettes.


I have an (undiagnosed, unless Wikipedia counts) addictive personality, and I’m genetically inclined to be a gambling diseased maniac. So I try to abstain from Paula and her family’s trips to Biloxi, lest I deposit my life’s savings (not much, but still) into a quarter machine.


I am part of a Florida Lottery pool that requires me to spend a few bucks a week, and I do like to pick up a scratch ticket on my daily visits to whichever Tom Thumb location happens to be my favorite that week.


I’ll usually get a $1, $2 or $5. I told the guy at the counter if I ever asked for a $30 scratch-off, he needed to smash me in the nose.


Super Bowl pools (“Buy a square!”) aside, I’ve never bet on any sporting events for reasons I’d rather not elaborate on. I’ll just say that whole point spread thing makes my head want to explode and leave it at that.


Some folks run out of things to gamble on, so they start making wagers on stuff like the Academy Awards (Green Book? Really?!) or who’s going to get kicked off The Masked Singer this week. Not for me, uh-uh, no thankya.


I did have a fun casino experience recently at a charity event, during which I got to deal Blackjack. I was nervous at first—I can’t even shuffle two cards, let alone four decks—but a fellow dealer told me we weren’t using real money and not to worry. Turned out if I awarded a few extra chips to one of the players, the bosses weren’t going to drag me into the back room with the hammer.


Gambling affects people differently, just like alcohol, drugs, sex and making bad puns. If you think you or someone you love has a gambling problem, there’s a number you can call.


Unfortunately, it will connect you to the reservations desk at the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino.

Editor Manson




Always love to read Beachcomber while visiting in the spring to check local music acts and get caught up with current events. Will really miss The Red Bar and look forward to the rebuild. Bruce’s article (“A Bientot The Red Bar,” Feb. 28-March 13 issue) was great—well done.

– Dave MacEachern, Markham, Ontario, Canada



Thank you, Bruce and the Beachcomber! We love you and everyone at the paper.

– Oli Petit



Beachcomber, you’re the best! Thank you for all you do to promote the arts in our community (“A Walk in the Park with Artist Lori Drew,” Feb. 28-March 13 issue).

– Lori Drew



Editor’s Note: Ms. Drew’s work is on exhibit at the Walton County Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach through March 31.

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