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The Men and Women Who Make Beachcomber

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Art Jenkins in action at Mr. J’s Barber Shop in Mary Esther. That’s Miss Darnell in the chair.

Art Jenkins (Cover) is a well-respected and loved artist in the Fort Walton Beach community, as well as the proprietor of Mr. J’s Barber Shop. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Art is an Emerald Coast transplant courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Here, he’s thrilled local art lovers with his bold and unique brand, creating unusually intricate and provocative works that inspire all who view them.


Art’s paintings are full of vibrant colors—warm yellows, deep reds and purples, and cool hues of blues. His subject matter is often spiritual and deeply cultural, but the artwork is always fun and original. Discover more at

Clay Jones (Cartoons) syndicates his cartoons daily to publications across the country. Clay was born in Fort Hood, Texas, and was raised in Louisiana, Illinois, California and Georgia. He currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Subscribe to the Claytoonz YouTube channel and watch Clay Jones create his masterpieces and demystify the whole cartooning thing.

Seagrove Beach resident Nikki Hedrick (Rock for a Cure) is a photographer and longtime Beachcomber contributor. She is the co-owner of 850 Music and Entertainment, and wears a few other hats, too. Nikki is currently gearing up for beach wedding season and wonders if anyone can own too many concert t-shirts.

Samantha Lambert (Beachcomberland Places) writes: “Very happy to be two years back in the Sunshine State! Enjoying traveling with my husband and spending a lot of time out in the fresh air at various events and festivals.”

Dr. David C. Simmons (Movie Reviews) is a professor of Film Studies and Humanities at Northwest Florida State College. He received his Ph.D. in Humanities and Film Studies from Florida State University in 2005. He is also the faculty advisor of the NWFS Film Club and the NWFSC Gay-Straight Alliance.


David is currently writing several books, including two on nonviolence. In his spare time, he enjoys watching films, conducting choirs, singing with the Northwest Florida Symphony Chorale, and being an advocate for social justice.

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