Live Music Review – Bay County Humane Society Fundraiser

Scream Out Loud

Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola


The fact is, most musicians don’t make the money many assume they do. And it’s especially true for those not in the national spotlight. They create music, tour, and produce merchandise to keep their bands afloat. It’s why it means so much when you pick up a t-shirt or buy an album.


But they are often the first ones willing to donate their time to causes they believe in.


Shortly after Christmas, on a Thursday night, six bands came together under the banner of raising money for the Bay County Humane Society, an area horrifically impacted by Hurricane Michael. Held at Pensacola’s Vinyl Music Hall, the event raised over $1,500.


The night was a stacked lineup of six bands—Shuggy, Capsule Hotel, Outlast the End, Scream Out Loud, Arsonwave, and Vagrants.


This was my first time at Vinyl Music Hall since their remodeling and scattered changes inside and out, the most obvious being the catwalk that wraps the inside of the venue, raises their capacity, and gives a bird’s eye view of the stage.


We arrived a little late due to a previous engagement. High energy, post-hardcore three-piece Outlast the End was already on stage making new fans when we got there. Next up was Scream Out Loud, who I was happy to see out performing again after a hiatus (they also have some new music on the horizon). They definitely haven’t lost their step.


Which brings us to Arsonwave, the locally based metalcore band who have constantly been making waves throughout the scene. Closing out the night were Vagrants, a vibrant Pensacola-based band that has continually grown their reach and can be found opening for an upcoming Parkway Drive concert at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach.


Both Vagrants and Arsonwave don’t play a ton of local shows, and when you add in the fact that this was first show in ages for Scream Out Loud, it was one for the record books.


All around, this was a fantastic showing of support both for bands in the local heavy scene and a fantastic cause. It was a night of heavy music, friendship and good vibes.

– Nikki Hedrick
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