The Record That Changed My Life: Nikki Hedrick

For a little shock value, I’m not going to pick the Stone Temple Pilots album that anyone who knows me likely expects. Instead, I’m going with my first exposure of shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Antichrist Superstar.


I was maybe 13 when the cassette—yes, cassette—made its way to me. I remember not liking it the first couple times around—it was too weird and off-kilter, and so different from the radio fare and ‘80s rock that often punctuated my household.


But something eventually clicked. It was dark with layers of noise. The lyrics questioned the status quo and were littered with metaphors and symbolism.


It was different.


It seemed a little more okay to be weird.

Elsewhere in this issue, our fearless music correspondent Nikki Hedrick catches up with Kyle Hastings.

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