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Commissioners Set to Vote on South Walton Community Asset

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On June 25, the Walton County Board of Commissioners is set to vote on Point Washington Preserve’s ability to operate.


Point Washington Preserve, or PWP, remains one of the largest event spaces in South Walton. Featuring a 5,000 square foot pavilion and two-bedroom cottage, it’s nestled near the intersection of U.S. 98 and JD Miller road, surrounded by hundreds of acres of Point Washington State Park’s forest.


“This space is an incredible asset to our community,” says Doug Liles, director of the Good Samaritan Institute and founder of Point Washington Preserve. “There’s nothing like it in our area.”


PWP boasts a minimal environmental footprint. With advanced solar technology like Tesla batteries and solar panels powering the space, it’s totally off the electrical grid, making it a true zero-energy event center.


“It’s an isolated sanctuary, away from the noise, traffic and parking issues that plague south Walton County,” says Mr. Liles.


Mr. Liles and his partners at the Good Samaritan Institute say their original idea for the space was to host science- and technology-based retreats, but after encountering the beauty of the space, they wanted the public to have access to hosting their own special events—such as business retreats, conferences, group meetings, summer camps, corporate functions, weddings, concerts, festivals and marketplace events.


“We hope the community and our Commissioners will continue to support us in this,” says Mr. Liles. “We encourage you to write your commissioner. Show up to the meeting. Write about your support in our reviews on Facebook and Google. Anything to show that the community wants this venue.”


For a sample letter to the commissioners and more information about how to support this project, visit

– Carly Harmer
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