The Record Roundup

Kenny Barron Quintet

Concentric Circles

Blue Note

Jazz pianist and composer Kenny Barron is joined by Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass), Johnathan Blake (drums), Mike Rodriquez (trumpet and flugelhorn), and Dayna Stephens (soprano and tenor sax) for this outing. At 75, Barron can pretty much do as he pleases, and it pleased him to field a quintet here so he could “write more.” The 11-track playlist contains eight original Barron compositions, with three by other composers (including Thelonious Monk). Any quintet anchored by Barron on the piano, with two guys doubling on four horns, is likely to gravitate toward hard bop. It does, and it’s tight and perfectly aligned.

– Bruce Collier

Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel


Building from the ‘90s alternative rock sound, Pensacola’s Capsule Hotel blends fuzzy guitars with shoegaze vocals on their stellar debut EP. With melancholy lyrics and a slightly off-kilter song structure that finds kinship in grunge tunes, Capsule Hotel is easily the new band on the scene to be on the watch for.

– Nikki Hedrick

Dew Pendleton

Going Back in Time


An expressive take on country music. Pendleton is known throughout the region for his blend of soul and southern rock, and his eclectic country stories and vocal range will leave many gobsmacked and envious. Whether he is crafting a party anthem or taking his listeners to church, we’re happy Pendleton has kicked off his boots in our area for the time being.

– Nikki Hedrick

Pop Squawk



Pensacola seems to be having a surge in lo-fi folk artists like Pop Squawk. fingertips is a stripped-down exploration of moods and the blemishes that come with growth. The band doesn’t hide behind slick production, and the listener feels like part of the creative process. There is something about embracing those warts that makes the lo-fi and garage labels so enticing, and Pop Squawk artfully balances the rawness of those subgenres with swirling soundscapes for a unique album.

– Nikki Hedrick

Frank Sinatra

Standing Room Only


Standing Room Only gives you the best seat in (your) house at three epic Sinatra concerts—Las Vegas 1966, Philadelphia 1974, and Dallas 1987. There are plenty of reasons to love this album, not the least of which is the pleasure of tracking the Chairman’s style and vocal changes over 21 years. The 57 tracks cover a master request list—“Summer Wind,” “The Lady Is a Tramp,” “Come Fly with Me,” along with showtunes and lesser known songs. There’s some audience banter, intros, and Frank’s Tips for Singers: “If I don’t smoke when I sing, I choke a lot.”

– Bruce Collier

Trio Wanderer

Joseph Haydn: Piano Trios XV: 14, 18, 21, 26 & 31

Harmonia Mundi

Trio Wanderer, a French ensemble of piano, cello and violin, is made up of three musicians who have worked together since the 1980s, and pride themselves on an “almost telepathic” understanding of each other. Austrian classical maestro Joseph Haydn wrote more music than damn near anybody, worked into old age, and managed to get along with both Mozart (a pal and protege) and Beethoven (a pupil). Since Haydn did a lot to invent chamber music and the piano trio, this get-together just had to happen. The five trios explore just a small portion of this consummate professional’s body of work.

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