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Before the Flood


Over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio has developed a passion that goes beyond gorgeous women, extreme partying and openly vaping at award shows—he’s on a mission to save the world from environmental destruction, or at least slow it down. To that end, he has teamed up with none other than National Geographic to bring us a documentary about climate change and why it poses a threat to our imminent survival. In addition to backing this up with intel from credible sources (NASA, even the Pentagon), the documentary offers practical solutions for everyday people who aren’t into granola crunching or tree hugging. Be forewarned, though—the evidence of climate change is presented with such easy-to-understand logic and documentation (and the pleasant lull of DiCaprio’s ongoing narration), it’s difficult to watch in its entirety and remain skeptical.

Joni Williams

Queer Eye


Queer Eye is back with an all-new “Fab Five” of lifestyle-fashion-grooming advisers based in Atlanta. Every episode features a total makeover of an adult male, kind of like the reality show equivalent of a real-life Cinderfella blessed with five fairy (no pun intended) godfathers. What makes this show worth watching—besides being filled with plenty of practical applications for the lifestyle-challenged males amongst us—is how effective it is at diplomatically breaking down stereotypes. Some of the touchier subjects addressed include the ingrained anxiety felt by a black man when pulled over by white cops. The show also depicts at least a couple of classic, good ol’ boy Southerners who, contrary to stereotypes, aren’t innately homophobic. Still, there’s enough humor to keep the show light, making it one of Netflix’ more entertaining original shows.

– Joni Williams
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