Pet of the Issue – Molly King, a/k/a The Thing of Evil

Photos by Nikki Hedrick
Words by Chris Manson


Molly is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Proud papa Stephen King explains that he and wife Tabitha have an older rescue dog that bonded with Tabitha. “I felt left out,” says Mr. King. So one of his sons got Molly from a breeder in New Hampshire. “I wanted a girl, and the (breeder) said there was only one female puppy and she ruled the roost.” Nikki Hedrick and I definitely sensed that Molly was calling the shots at Mr. King’s Osprey, Florida home.


“We’ve got a home in Maine, but Molly has spent more time in Florida. She knows what snow is but hasn’t seen a lot of it. She’s a beachcombing dog.”


Since two of Mr. King’s children (Owen and Joseph, the latter of whom writes under the name Joe Hill) are accomplished authors, I ask if Molly has demonstrated the knack. “She’s only three!” he laughs, adding, “They say each human year is equal to seven dog years, so we’ll be the same age when I’m 81.”

“We’ve always had Corgis,” Mr. King says. “To me, Corgis are the best breed. They’re sturdy and they’re smart—big dogs in little dog bodies.” He adds that when Molly first arrived, he enlisted assistant Barbara Ann McIntyre’s husband to “wear Molly out” so he could get some work done. “It takes a village to raise a Corgi.”
Where did Molly get the nickname The Thing of Evil? “When I was a kid, I watched all the Hammer horror pictures with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (as Dracula),” Mr. King tells BEACHCOMBER. “In one of them, when Dracula tries to attack Van Helsing, he holds up a cross and shouts, ‘Back! Back, you thing of evil!’ When Molly was a puppy and always tried to escape out the garage door when I went out, I’d tell her, ‘Get back, thing of evil!’ It just kind of stuck. She’s actually a pretty darn good dog.”
ABOVE: Editor Manson with Molly. “Molly is pretty friendly with everyone,” Mr. King says. We ask if Molly functions as a muse for the author. “She’s a-MUSE-ing. But she’s a pain in the ass when I’m writing. She wants to go out and play ball!” Still, Molly has inspired at least one (not-yet-published) Stephen King story about a dog that’s terrified of alligators.
Molly became famous for her dad’s constant posts on Twitter and Instagram, but she remains pretty paws-off when it comes to social media. “I don’t tweet, I eat!” she says. “If I post a picture of Molly, people post pictures of their dogs, and that’s always fun,” Mr. King says.
BELOW: Molly’s favorite thing to eat? “Anything,” according to Mr. King. “She’s very active and loves her toys. Her favorite thing is this cheap shit little 99-cent Frisbee, but I had to get rid of it because she tried to bury it in the backyard.”
Editor Manson tries to convince Stephen King to offer him and Nikki Hedrick jobs and/or adopt them.

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