Easter Fools Day… WOT?!

Some of the friendly folks from Lobster Tail, the new restaurant on the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk. Jump to this issue’s Chefs Up Close feature on page 29 for more.
Photo by Chris Manson.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 1. According to an article by Leada Gore on AL.com, this is the first time that’s happened since 1956.


Expect a lot of excessively cruel pranks this year, especially from the sixtysomething and older crowd that didn’t have Facebook and Snapchat to share videos of their tomfoolery last time around.


I’m sure I don’t have to remind you guys about the horror show that took place last time Good Friday fell on Friday the 13th.


Kids, if you find plastic eggs around the house or out in the backyard, there’s a very good chance those jelly beans will be one or more of the following flavors:


Black pepper, booger, earwax, soap (some of you younguns probably deserve that one), dirty diapers, ashtray, lukewarm hot dog water, butt.


If you come across any real eggs, they’re probably not hardboiled. Remember what happened to Pee Wee in the first Porky’s movie.


If the Easter Bunny shows up in your neighborhood, you might want to tug on that tail and/or ears to see if he’s legit.


And that chocolate bunny from your significant other might not be, um, chocolate. Ewwwwwwww.


Happy Easter Fools Day. Enjoy it and be safe. Hopefully, this won’t happen again in your lifetime.

Editor Manson




I’magene (formerly Continuum) have stepped up to perform at Beachcomber Music Awards X, set for Tuesday, April 10, at Al’s Beach Club & Burger Bar on the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk. They’ll be joining The Ed Mo Blues Project, Casey Kearney, The Good Lookings and Big Lo. Thanks, guys!



Molly is the cutest, and it’s nice to see this side of the master of horror (Pet of the Issue—Molly King, a/k/a The Thing of Evil, March 8-21 Beachcomber).

Adeline Ling



It is true and very unfortunate (“In Destin, Life Is a Carnival” by Charles Morgan, March 8-21 Beachcomber). Destin has turned into a carnival. It all stems from the “old days” when this whole geographical area was undeveloped and starving for ways to bring in tourist dollars. Eglin AFB is a good example. The land was practically given away in the hopes that the base would bring in dollars. It did accomplish its intent.


Early developers would stop at nothing to lure tourists into Destin and surrounding towns. No thought was given to preserving natural beauty, so no zoning was created until it was too late. No one can take away the natural beauty of our Gulf beaches, but the overdevelopment along the shoreline has taken its toll. It’s sad, but little local community is left in Destin because everything is centered on bringing more tourists here.


Our leaders must make a stand for the local community and stop unregulated growth. Stop the circus and make Destin a place where residents come before tourists.

Bob Luongo



For the record, please remind Grendel that my parents were first generation immigrants and I am a second-generation immigrant (“Amazing New Breakthrough to Reduce Mass Shootings!” by Ann Coulter, March 8-21 Beachcomber). Insulting and demeaning. She (Ann Coulter) would make a good Nazi.

William Higgins, “Proud and Honored to be Here”



Would love to see him come back to the Imogene in Milton (Live Music Review—BJ Thomas by Nikki Hedrick, March 8-21 Beachcomber). He’s been my favorite all-time singer for 48 years!

Teresa Anderson
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