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Bartender of the Issue

Bartender of the Issue — Caitlin Duffey

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Cheers Pub, Shalimar


Caitlin Duffey may not know your name, but when she’s tending bar at Cheers, it doesn’t matter. She knows her beers, and since Shalimar Cheers Pub offers 80 of them on tap, that’s important. A native of Fort Walton Beach, Duffey has been at Cheers for a year. She started on the floor and worked up to the bar, which she admits was “pretty daunting at first.”


Duffey says that her favorite thing about Cheers is “definitely the customers and enjoying the people I serve,” adding, “I’m a big fan of beer.” Her personal favorite is “Divide and Conch’r,” a local IPA from Santa Rosa Beach’s Idyll Hounds Brewery.


With a steady stream of both locals and guests from the Fairfield Marriott hotel next door, Cheers’ customer tastes are fairly wide-ranging. However, Duffey reports that two of the biggest sellers are Yuengling and Blue Point Toasted Lager.


When she’s not pouring brews, Duffey enjoys the beach, soccer, and Netflix. Oh, and math. Yes, you read that correctly. Duffey is a math major and one of the smartest bartenders around. Currently on hiatus from her studies at the University of Central Florida, Duffey looks forward to eventually finishing her degree and seeing where her career path takes her.


Until then, she’s happy pouring drinks at Cheers. “It’s a big family, both the staff and the customers,” she says. “The regulars, they know you and you know them!”

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