Our Favorite Moments of 2017


Contributing Writer

My favorite moment of 2017 happens every day here in Florida with my family.


Contributing Writer

Throwing a puppy-themed first birthday party for my dog-loving daughter.


Assistant Editor *among other things*

My son getting engaged. Now he can finally move out, and I don’t have to do his laundry.

James and Penny Leavenworth.


Contributing Writer

This has been an amazing year for me and my family. We went to DC and stayed with one of Anya’s childhood friends from Russia for a few days during the summer. We also went to see Roger Waters perform in New Orleans. It was my son James’ first concert, and he loved it.


Near the end of October, we visited Connecticut, upstate New York, and Massachusetts and hiked some of the state forests for a weekend during peak season. It was breathtaking.


All these moments were incredible in their own way this year, but the best moment was when we picked up our new Irish Setter puppy Penny in January.


Contributing Writer

Waking up alive from surgery.


Contributing Writer

Hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana and seeing Grinell Glacier before it’s gone.


Also, the gala for Fresh Start for Families & Children, when client Notlie shared her story of gaining education and independence. Fresh Start surprised her that evening with a car donated by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. It brought down the house at Hurlburt’s Soundside Club.


Contributing Editor

Acting onstage at both Emerald Coast Theatre Company and The REP at Seaside in the same season.


Watching my daughter wake up every day of the year.

Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson and BFF Maddison reflect on the happier moments of 2017.
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