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Bartender of the Issue

Hunter Griffith

Published on

Bijoux, The Market Shops at Sandestin


Hunter was born and raised in Destin. He’s 26 years old, and 12 of those have been spent working in the service industry.


The journey began when Hunter was 14, busing tables at Buster’s in Miramar Beach. He worked his way up to fine dining at Fleming’s in Grand Boulevard at Sandestin running food, and three years later, Hunter landed his first serving gig at Grayton Beach’s The Red Bar. There, he “really learned the ins and outs of the service industry.”


Hunter joined the Mitchell’s Fish Market team at Grand Boulevard in 2011 as a server, slowly working his way up to bartender. “After having my son last year, I saw a better job opportunity at Bijoux,” he says.


He’s been pouring at Bijoux for a year and a half now. “I love that it’s family owned and operated,” Hunter says. “They’ve treated me like one of their own since I walked in the door.


“And it helps that we have some of the best food in town!”

Chris Manson
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