Bartender of the Issue – Mikey Seevers

Harbor Docks, Destin


Mikey has been at Harbor Docks since 1984. At age 19, he started working at the legendary Destin restaurant. Initially he collected money at the front door, but soon found his home behind the bar, where he’s been for the last 33 years.


“A girl that was working here couldn’t show up for work one day, and I was outside working taking money at the door. They said, ‘Can you bartend?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m not good at it, but I can do it.’ So they stuck me in there and I’ve been behind the bar ever since,” says Mikey.


His signature drink is the Mike-A-Rita. Named after him 18 years ago, the bartender’s take on a margarita has become a Harbor Docks staple. “I made it the way I liked to drink it, the way I thought it should taste,” Mikey says. “Locals knew about it before it was on the menu. People just started calling it the Mike-A-Rita or Mikey-Rita. Then I came to work one day and it was on the menu.”


Some people may wonder what has made Seevers stay at the same job for over three decades. “What has brought me back to work every day to this place is the locals, the atmosphere, the people that I’ve met along the way that have become really good friends, almost like family. It’s Jimmy Patzig and Steve Sauer sitting there having their fun little banter with each other. That kind of stuff has kept me coming back forever.”


Mikey has left his mark on Harbor Docks, figuratively and literally. If you look closely, you can find the bartender’s handprint permanently indented into the bar. He says it simply happened after spending so many years behind that bar, from shucking oysters back in the day to leaning against it for hours while talking to customers.


He has three children—Jordan, Lauren and Jonah—and a Blue Pitbull named Lily that he describes as the “sweetest dog ever.” When he isn’t behind the bar at Harbor Docks, Mikey enjoys surfing, fishing and hunting.

Caroline Haney
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