What Should the New Destin High School Name Its Sports Team?

The Destin Bad Tippers

The Destin Beach Crap Stores

The Destin Bed Taxes

The Destin Condos

The Destin Deckhands

The Destin Developers

The Destin Dogfish

The Destin DUIs

The Destin Fireballs

The Destin Fishermen

The Destin Fishheads

The Destin Green Knights

The Destin Gridlock

The Destin Gulf to Tables

The Destin Hermit Crabs

The Destin Left Laners

The Destin Lip Injections

The Destin Overpriced Well Drinks

The Destin Oysters

The Destin Protect Our Sea Turtles Dammits

The Destin PRs

The Destin Red Tide

The Destin Rikkis*

The Destin Russian Work Force

The Destin Sellouts

The Destin Tourists

The Destin We’re-Not-Coming-Over-There-Because-We-Live-On-30As

The Destin White Sands**

The Destin Beachcombers***


* In honor of the city’s most loved citizen, Rikki Wheeler.

** No, wait, that’s racist.

*** But only if Editor Manson and the Morgans get a cut of the merch and concession sales.


Thanks to Metz Barnes, Larry Beat, Shelby DeSoto, Barry Donaldson, Paula Hilton, Roberto Padron, David Seering and Robin Wiesneth. Legitimate info about Destin High School can be found in this issue’s News from Beachcomberland.

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